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Gentle, kind, effective and practical help through hypnosis.

Marion RobbHello, thank you for your interest in Conscious Choice Hypnosis. This practice is owned and run by myself, Marion Robb.  I am based in Dunfermline, with availability in Edinburgh City, and offer a kind, respectful and confidential service to both adults and children of secondary school age.

Hypnosis is a gentle therapy, suitable for almost everyone, and it has a wide range of uses and applications. Every client who comes through the door is unique, and has a unique set of issues – no two people react in exactly the same way, regardless of whether their circumstances are similar.  That’s why treatment at Conscious Choice Hypnosis is highly individualised and tailored specifically to you.

I am a fully qualified and insured hypnotherapy practitioner and a firm believer in continuing professional development – I’ve  taken further courses with many of the mainstream hypnotherapy trainers in the UK, and regularly host visiting trainers and practitioners events.  I have been awarded the Hypnotherapy Practitioners Diploma, the Diploma in Clinical and Advanced Hypnosis and am a Licensed Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Through additional study and significant casework, have also been awarded Specialist Certifications in Anxiety Issues,the Treatment of Tinnitus and Smoking cessation.    I am an Accredited (Senior) member of the National Council for Hypnotherapy, Secretary of the Scottish Hypnotherapy Foundation, and an NCH/NCFE qualified Hypnotherapy Supervisor for other practicising hypnotists.  I am co-moderator of the international forum for professional female hypnotists, Hypnotic Women.   My work has been featured in the book “Hypnotic Women” (ISBN 9781496111654).



2 responses to “About

  1. Mairi lawson says:

    Hello Marion
    I want to give hypnotherapy a go to stop smoking. Can you advise how much this is.. How soon Can you see me.. Bellvue would be best for me and howany appointments are required
    Kind regards
    Mairi Lawson

    • Hello Mairi, thank you very much for the enquiry – I’m really glad you have decided to quite smoking! The cost is £200 for two smoking cessation sessions plus a follow up if you restart within 3 months. If you would please email me on, I will be delighted to give you more information. I have availability at Bellevue Tuesday next week, but must advise, it is on a top floor apartment with several flights of stairs, in case this is an issue for you. I also have availability at Baberton this week on Thursday afternoon or early evening, or Friday at 2p.m. if you are looking for a more prompt appointment – I am only in Bellevue one day per week at the moment.

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